Training on Climate-smart agriculture methods: Chuuk, RMI, Palau

YAP, FSM. Dr. Murukesan Krishnapillai, Researcher/Extension Specialist, Yap Agricultural Experiment Station Two Researchers from the College of Micronesia-FSM Cooperative Research and Extension conducted a series of training workshops on ‘Climate-Smart Agriculture’ between May 3 and May 13 under the Professional Development Program of the Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education. Workshops were conducted at the […]

Remote Satowan Island welcomes CRE program

WENO, CHUUK.  Kalvin Assito, Community Resource Development Agent (CRD).  Cooperative Extension Service Chuuk CRE, for the first time, brought the community outreach programs to the remote islands of Satowan Atoll.  The island group is about 180 miles from Weno and has about 1,000 residents.  CRE agents provided 8 varieties of sweet potato to the traditional […]

Cooperative Research and Extension participated in launching “Fairotiw Fairota” youth organization

WENO, CHUUK, FSM.  Kalvin Assito, Youth Agent, Chuuk Cooperative Extension Service. On June 26, 2013, a youth organization founded by Linda Mori-Hartmann, called “Fairotiw Fairota” hosted its first youth gathering at Bay View Building in Nepukos, Weno. This non-government organization (NGO) aims to teach the youth Chuukese cultural values through the assistance of government, other […]

Sweet potato and taro multiplication demonstration sites established at three regions in Chuuk

WENO, CHUUK, FSM. Dr. Lolita Ragus, Researcher/Extension Specialist, Chuuk Agricultural Experiment Station. COM-FSM Chuuk Campus/Cooperative Research and Extension (CRE) distributed eight promising sweet potato and two taro cultivars evaluated from April 2012 to March 2013 for tolerance to drought and salt spray.   Chuuk CRE acknowledged PASAP project for making these materials available for evaluation under […]