Yap CRE celebrated World Soil Day 2016

YAP, FSM. Dr. Murukesan Krishnapillai, Researcher/Extension Specialist, Cooperative Research and Extension. Soil and land degradation is not only a physical or biochemical issue but also linked to socio-economic aspects. Poor and displaced atoll communities in Yap are the most affected by soil and land degradation as they are the ones usually occupying degraded land. Thus, […]

Yap CRE participated in the World Food Day 2016 celebrations

YAP, FSM. Dr. Murukesan Krishnapillai, Researcher/Extension Specialist, Cooperative Research and Extension. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) celebrates World Food Day each year on 16 October to commemorate the founding of the Organization. This year, World Food Day was exceptionally celebrated on 14 October. The theme of this year’s World Food Day […]

Yap CRE conducted two workshops on chicken farming and food processing

YAP, FSM. Steven Young-Uhk, Coordinator, Cooperative Research and Extension. Yap CRE conducted a three-day workshop on chicken farming between August 3 and 5. Twenty-seven participants including extension agents, agriculture professionals, farmers, men and women attended the workshop. On the first day, participants learned about best practices on caring for a day-old chicks, feeding and caring […]

Cooperative Research and Extension, COM-FSM Yap Campus participated in the 2016 Yap Day celebrations

YAP, FSM. Dr. Murukesan Krishnapillai, Researcher/Extension Specialist COM-FSM Yap Cooperative Research and Extension (CRE) staff and Agriculture students participated in the 48th Annual Yap celebrations held at Makiy, between February 29 and March 1, 2016. Yap Day is the biggest cultural celebration in Yap. This annual two-day event is accompanied with various cultural performances including […]

Backyard chicken farming in Yap

COLONIA, YAP, FSM.  Steven Young-Uhk, CRE Coordinator, Yap Cooperative Research and Extension. There is a growing trend in Yap for backyard chicken farming. More and more households in Yap are doing backyard poultry farming using imported breeds and combination of local feed materials and commercial feed to produce eggs for consumption and selling the surplus […]

Yap Extension speaks at St. Mary’s on a variety of topics

COLONIA, YAP, FSM, Martin Ruwniyol, 4-H Extension Agent, Yap Cooperative Extension Services. Yap CES 4-H Program conducted a Guest Speaker Program at St. Mary’s School from January to May 2013 in collaboration with Public Health, Yap State EPA, Youth Services Office and Our YAP, a youth organization. This extension activity falls under Planned Program – […]